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Our whole reason for putting on our first festival was a desire to make Festivals Accessible on a financial level, we understood people were being excluded from festivals due to the ever-increasing ticket costs. Since that 1 st event, we here at UK Tribute Festivals have endeavoured to make our events as accessible and inclusive as possible. There are many barriers to attending Festivals and not all those barriers are physical.

That said, we understand that for some Festival goers, physical access requirements will be a factor. It should be noted that as all our Festivals take place on greenfield sites there will be areas of the event that may have hilly sections and or uneven ground meaning that access around the site could be difficult, especially in bad weather conditions.

Carer / PA tickets To apply for a Carer / PA ticket please purchase your standard tickets then email your booking reference to along with one of the following documents;

– Confirmation of Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment or
– Attendance Allowance – This must be recent (within the last 12 months) and clearly show the name and address of the recipient.
– Recognised Assistance Dog ID Card
– The Access Card or equivalent with a +1 icon

Your request will then be reviewed and if satisfactory a Carer / PA ticket can be issued – please allow up to 20 working days for this. Please note this only applies to tickets bought directly from one of our partner ticket agencies, it does not apply if tickets have been bought via any ticket resale site or 3 rd party. These tickets are provided on the understanding that the holder is willing and able to assist the access customer throughout the whole of their time at the event. They must be able to perform all requirements as needed by the access customer including assistance during an evacuation and or other emergency. The holder must arrive and leave at the same time as the access customer.

Please note issuing of a Carer / PA ticket does not, on it’s own, provide access to our VIP area. Should an access customer wish to use VIP, a valid VIP ticket would need to be purchased first. VIP Tickets are limited and are issued on a first come first served basis.

Applications for Carer/PA tickets will close 20 working day’s prior to the event.

Toilet Facilities
General Admission Ticket Holders – Accessible Toilets will be located alongside the main toilets in the arena.

VIP Ticket Holders – An Accessible Toilet will be located in the VIP area.

If you need to bring medication with you, please bring a doctor’s note or prescription so if necessary, the items can be assessed by our certified First Aid Team.

Access to Ticket / Wrist band exchange
For those people who require it, access to ticket / wristband exchange area will be facilitated via the VIP lane.

Subject to site and agreed Event Management Plan, we endeavour to provide access to Blue Badge parking at all of our events, however it should be noted that this parking will be limited in number and will operate on a first come first served basis.

Strobe Lighting
May occur at any time throughout the event with no prior warning